Post Thanksgiving Thanks, December 2 – Newsletter

Post Thanksgiving Thanks, December 2 – Newsletter


Given all the depressing, appalling, frightening, disgusting (I could go on) things that are happening in our world today, I have decided to take refuge in gratitude. Despite all the Bad, every day we are all surrounded by things, people, moments that are wonderful, beautiful, transcendent—and I don’t want to lose sight of them because I’m focused on the nasty stuff. 

So, I have resolved to write a thank-you letter a day to people to whom I am thankful for what they’ve done, or simply who they are, but have never gotten around to letting them know. And I want to start with you.

I don’t know if you’ve been with me for a day, a decade, or for the whole 56-year luge run, but I am enormously grateful that you have given me a moment of your time—or perhaps many moments—to listen to, or read, or look at what I’ve created. You hear “I don’t have the time,” a lot, but at the bottom of it all, time is all we really do have, so I very much appreciate your investing a bit of it in me and my creative offerings. Thank you!

I know this is an uncharacteristic outpouring of sincerity, and I apologize if it’s upsetting—I won’t make a habit of it (though I will write that letter-a-day).

The new album is coming near completion — the artwork is almost done (these images may or may not be part of the package, but I like them – see bottom of post), and I’m hoping that the digital download will be available for the Pledge Music crowd will be available in a couple of weeks, the CD by the end of the year, and the LP sometime early in 2018 (the pressing plants are the bottleneck with vinyl).

Upcoming shows, all with Matt Nakoa on keyboards:

Check out for all the upcoming shows, and stay tuned for the album-release announcement!

If I don’t see you at one of these shows, have the best holidays ever—I’ll hope to get a glimpse of you in the New Year!

Stay warm!

All the best,


Quote of the Month:
“Sincerity—if you can fake that, you’ve got it made!”
–– George Burns