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09th Dec | New York, New York
Schimmel Center

Appearing with Matt Nakoa

10th Dec | Shirley, Massachusetts
Bull Run Restaurant

Appearing with Matt Nakoa

27th Jan | Northampton, Massachusetts
Iron Horse Music Hall
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Come on in, have a look around. Stay awhile. I wish I could offer you some digital coffee, but though the technology’s amazing, it’s not quite there yet.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the brand, spanking new website, as designed by that wizard of the interwebs, Benjamin Rush. (Ben is also my oldest boy, is living in Scotland, and in his spare time works at the Glasgow School of Art helping budding artists to blossom.)

This new site is so very new, we’ve only just announced it and you’re among the  first to try out all the new bells and whistles. Now, we’ve poked and prodded and tweaked and tickled, and we THINK we’ve gotten all the bugs out, but if you should find something that doesn’t work just right, or something that’s hard to figure out, please let us know by getting in touch. Much appreciated!

So have at it. Enjoy yourself, feel free to avail yourself of the fabulous merchandise in the store, and if you find yourself at one of my shows please do let me know what you think of all this!


Very best regards,


Tom Rush

Watch Now: “Tom Rush Celebrates 50 Years on Stage”

Watch Now: “Tom Rush Celebrates 50 Years on Stage”

On December 28, 2012, Tom Rush celebrated his 50th year as a performer with a sold-out concert at Boston’s Symphony Hall. This 40 minute version featuring selected performances by Tom Rush and his guest performers: Buskin & Batteau, Jonathan Edwards, Dom Flemons and his house band was excerpted from the DVD version, available with a companion CD at Watch this unforgettable milestone concert available for a limited time only.

Recent news:

The return of the Naked Lady

The return of the Naked Lady

Tom has partnered with Canadian guitar makers MacKenzie & Marr to produce a limited edition recreation of Tom’s classic “Naked Lady” guitar, the original being destroyed in a house fire some 20 years ago.  Since then Tom has been looking the right partners to recreate ... keep reading

VIDEO: Tom visits Asheville NC

VIDEO: Tom visits Asheville NC

Our friends over at Isis Music Hall in Asheville, NC have posted concerted footage from the May 22, 2016 show. Here Tom plays Sleepy John Estes’ “Drop Down Mama”, with Matt Nakoa rocking the piano.

Tom Rush in session with Matt Nakoa

How I met Matt

In the late Fall of 2014, I had invited a bunch of guest artists to my upcoming holiday show at Boston’s Symphony Hall, and I had a bunch of new songs I wanted them to get to know in case ... keep reading