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15th Nov | Cincinnati, Ohio
20th Century Theater
17th Nov | Traverse City, Michigan
City Opera House
18th Nov | Evanston, Illinois
04th Dec | Portland, Maine
One Longfellow Square
05th Dec | Cotuit, Massachusetts
Cotuit Center For the Arts
06th Dec | Old Saybrook, Connecticut
Katharine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center
08th Dec | Shirley, Massachusetts
Bull Run Restaurant

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Photographs for Voices Album, Tom Rush 2017

The new album “Voices” is now available

The new album “Voices” is now available on both CD and limited release LP (!!!) in the online store, and at upcoming shows, while stocks last.

The very first copies have now been sent out to all of you who supported the project on PledgeMusic and I’d like to thank all of you who did, especially these folks!

All the best,

Tom Rush




Here are a few teasers off the album:

Elder Green (trad., arr. Tom Rush)

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Tom plays his new song “Voices” for listeners of WBUR Boston.


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Recent praise for Voices

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Photographs for Voices Album, Tom Rush 2017

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