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23rd Mar | Easton, Maryland
The Avalon Theater
24th Mar | Alexandria, Virginia
The Birchmere
25th Mar | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
World Cafe Live
26th Mar | West Chester, Pennsylvania
Uptown! Knauer Performing Arts Center
06th Apr | Chappaqua, New York
Chappaqua Performing Arts Center
07th Apr | Oswego, New York
Music Hall
08th Apr | Toronto, OntarioCanada
Hugh's Room
13th Apr | New York, New York
Rubin Museum of Art
29th Apr | Lexington, Massachusetts
Isaac Harris Cary Memorial Building
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Photographs for Voices Album, Tom Rush 2017

The new album “Voices” is now available

The new album “Voices” is now available, along with other goodies in the newly re-opened Tom Rush Online Store, but the very first copies are being sent to those of you who pledged on PledgeMusic. The album will also be available at upcoming shows while initial stocks last.

And speaking of PledgeMusic, I’d like to thank all of you who supported this project, especially these folks!

All the best,



Here is a teaser:

Elder Green (trad., arr. Tom Rush)

Recent news:

Photographs for Voices Album, Tom Rush 2017

Thoughts & Prayers

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Getting Political

Getting Political

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WPSU releases full concert recording

WPSU releases full concert recording

WPSU Radio out of Pennsylvania State University has released the recording of a concert performed by Tom on May 15, 2015, at Pennsylvania State Theater. Mel Deyoung of WPSU writes: It’s no stretch to call the 76 year old Rush ... keep reading