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27th Apr | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Carnegie Music Hall

Appearing with Matt Nakoa

28th Apr | Schenectady, New York
The Eighth Step at Proctor's

Appearing with Matt Nakoa

29th Apr | Brooklyn, New York
First Acoustics

Appearing with Matt Nakoa

30th Apr | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
World Cafe Live
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Come on in, have a look around. Stay awhile. I wish I could offer you some digital coffee, but though the technology’s amazing, it’s not quite there yet.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the brand, spanking new website, as designed by that wizard of the interwebs, Benjamin Rush. (Ben is also my oldest boy, is living in Scotland, and in his spare time works at the Glasgow School of Art helping budding artists to blossom.)

This new site is so very new, we’ve only just announced it and you’re among the  first to try out all the new bells and whistles. Now, we’ve poked and prodded and tweaked and tickled, and we THINK we’ve gotten all the bugs out, but if you should find something that doesn’t work just right, or something that’s hard to figure out, please let us know by getting in touch. Much appreciated!

So have at it. Enjoy yourself, feel free to avail yourself of the fabulous merchandise in the store, and if you find yourself at one of my shows please do let me know what you think of all this!


Very best regards,

Launch of a New Album campaign!!

Launch of a New Album campaign!!

Gang –

The muse has been visiting a lot lately, and I’m going down to Nashville in early May to record a new album of self-penned songs (this has never happened before—I’ve always done a mix of other people’s material and a few of my own). In olden times this would have been funded by a Big Record Company, and they would have wanted a lien on your soul and a second mortgage on your first-born son. (There might be a song in there!)

Nowadays, through the magic of PledgeMusic, a musician can ask the music-lovers to support the project—and that’s where you come in: I’m offering a dazzling array of enticements, from a monogrammed guitar pick to a private concert, to motivate you to get involved.

So please take a moment to visit PledgeMusic to learn more, and check out the awesome lineup of extras for those that support the project.

Thanks so much for getting involved!


Recent news:

Video: Sound Advice; an interview with WFUV NYC

Video: Sound Advice; an interview with WFUV NYC

WFUV DJ, Eric Holland talks to Tom about songwriting, American folk and singer/songwriting traditions and more in his Sound Advice report, in the lead up to Tom’s December 8 show at the Schimmel Center at Pace University. Tom Rush Talks Songwriting & Performing