Photographs for Voices Album, Tom Rush 2017

The new album “Voices” is now available

The new album “Voices” is now available on both CD and limited release LP (!!!) in the online store, and at upcoming shows, while stocks last.

The very first copies have now been sent out to all of you who supported the project on PledgeMusic and I’d like to thank all of you who did, especially these folks!

All the best,

Tom Rush




Here are a few teasers off the album:

Elder Green (trad., arr. Tom Rush)

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Tom plays his new song “Voices” for listeners of WBUR Boston.


You guys are amazing! – April 22, 2017

You guys are amazing! – April 22, 2017


You guys are amazing! Two weeks into a 10-week campaign on Pledge Music, we’re 83% of the way to our goal. (P. M. says they like to see their campaigns reach 25% in the first week—we got there in the first 2 hours! So some very special thanks to you first responders.)

I don’t want to get all gooshy on you or anything, but it really does mean a lot to me that you have stuck with me over the years, through a lot of adventures (and, admittedly, a mis-adventures or two). I was asked recently, “Why are you still doing this?” (I think he meant in the nicest way, but he might have been saying, “Where’s Jack Kevorkian when we really need him?”) The honest reason I’m still at it is that making music for you guys is still a thrill for me—I’ll keep at it as long as you keep listening. You make me feel good!

As a way to entice you back to PledgeMusic (or maybe get you there for the first time) we’ve added a couple of things. While rummaging about in a storage locker I happened upon a box of cassettes from years gone by. (One of these, “Work In Progress,” never made it on to any other format, others have been out of print for decades.) I have not yet found the mother lode of wax cylinders or 8-track tapes, but will continue to search.

I’ve now used up my allotment of exclamation points and parentheses, so I’ll close by mentioning that I have four upcoming dates, so check them out on the shows page. As usual, if you can’t attend, send a friend.

Thanks again, gang. Enjoy the Spring …

Tom Rush

Quote of the month:

“People will forget what you said. They will forget what you did. But they will never forget how you made them feel.”
–– Maya Angelou

Launch of a New Album campaign!!

Launch of a New Album campaign!!

Gang –

The muse has been visiting a lot lately, and I’m going down to Nashville in early May to record a new album of self-penned songs (this has never happened before—I’ve always done a mix of other people’s material and a few of my own). In olden times this would have been funded by a Big Record Company, and they would have wanted a lien on your soul and a second mortgage on your first-born son. (There might be a song in there!)

Nowadays, through the magic of PledgeMusic, a musician can ask the music-lovers to support the project—and that’s where you come in: I’m offering a dazzling array of enticements, from a monogrammed guitar pick to a private concert, to motivate you to get involved.

So please take a moment to visit PledgeMusic to learn more, and check out the awesome lineup of extras for those that support the project.

Thanks so much for getting involved!

Tom Rush