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24th May | Lexington, Massachusetts
Isaac Harris Cary Memorial Building

power bull 100 viagra With Jonathan Edwards!

28th Jun | Piermont, New York
Turning Point
29th Jun | Hopewell, New Jersey
Hopewell Theater
30th Jun | King of Prussia, Pennsylvania
Concert Under The Stars
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Another Song & “The Cable Guy Comeith”

Another Song & “The Cable Guy Comeith”

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viagra effect photos before and after Gang, Just settling into my summer writing retreat, getting things hooked up. Have you ever noticed that every single cable guy who comes to do an install or repair says he can’t believe the last guy did it that way? I suspect surgeons feel the same but have the good sense to keep it to themselves. Presidents, on the other hand, behave more like cable guys.

see url Gearing up for my annual trip to the Other Coast — 5 shows in CA, one in AZ, back home. I thought things were supposed to slow down at a certain age. I guess I’m not there yet.

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Holiday Cheers!

Holiday Cheers!

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I Voted!

I Voted!

watch Gang, I voted and hope you did too. If you didn’t you have forfeited all rights to bitch about what happens for the next two years. The rest of us will retain the right to bitch no matter what happens. ... keep reading